the dotty series

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Following the death of her parents in a tragic firework accident, nine and a half year old Welsh girl, Dotty Parsons, is sent to live with her Great Uncle Winchester at The Calendar House - a vast old country house in deepest, darkest Yorkshire. Once there, Dotty is disturbed by noises coming from the chimneys and soon suspects everything is not as it seems. The cook tells her the noises are just jackdaws nesting. But in December - surely that can’t be right, can it?


Take a journey with Dotty into the mysterious world of the Calendar House as she strives to unlock its secrets. And find out just what is going on in the chimneys of the Winchester family home.

This highly acclaimed spellbinding fantasy adventure is a must-read for 8-12 year olds. Children who enjoy magical fantasy adventures will love this book. Dealing with universal themes of childhood loneliness, loss, family, friendships, justice and the triumph of good over evil - all handled with a delightful lightness of touch that gives the book an almost bygone era feel. Laced with just the right amount of gentle humour.


DOTTY and the Calendar House Key is the first book in The DOTTY Series. Buy it now by clicking on the link below: 

DOTTY and the Chimney Thief Ch.1

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All is not well in the world of The Calendar House. There’s a thief on the loose, and they’re not just stealing trinkets from the houses they enter, they’re stealing the chimneys, too! To add insult to injury, little Joe Raman from the corner shop on Dotty’s beloved Wyvern Road has gone missing and nobody knows why.


It appears Dotty has a lot to contend with. The Council of Sweeps are looking for answers but it seems there aren’t any to be found. Has Joe been abducted by thieves, or is there another reason for his disappearance? And can Dotty stop the Chimney Thief, before all the portals into the world of the ordinary folk have been sealed - forever.

What readers have to say about DOTTY and the Chimney Thief:

“I read [the first chapter] to the children tonight and they were instantly back to being as gripped as they were by the first book. They both laughed out loud at the wonderful descriptions of Gobby in the kitchen covered in flour (again) and the way she asked Kenny to remove Geoff! They cannot wait to find out what happens next.”


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the dotty series

It's all change for Dotty, as Great Uncle Winchester decides it's high time she went to school.


But the transition back into school life isn't easy: Dotty is being haunted by disturbing dreams. And what is more, a strange sickness seems to be taking over the school, and Dotty's classmates are determined to hold her responsible. The problem is, Dotty isn't entirely sure they're wrong...


Is there more to Dotty's dreams than meets the eye? And can a little bit of sweeps' magic save the day?

Join Dotty in the third book in the DOTTY series, as she battles with new dangers and comes face to face with some old enemies, too. 


DOTTY and the Dream Catchers is out now! Buy it by clicking on the link below:

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It is indeed a very lucky day at the Calendar House but the question is, for whom? 


Spend one more magical day with DOTTY and Geoff in the grounds of The Calendar House and find out: 

- what Pip is up to;

- why Mrs Gobbins is upset;

- how Kenny the gardener loses his breakfast; and

- what Great Uncle Winchester is doing in the game larder!

DOTTY and the Very Lucky Day is out now! Buy it by clicking on the link below:

the dotty series
Withered Hand KDP cover flattened.jpg

DOTTY and the Withered Hand

Full of surprises, the fourth official book in the DOTTY Series is a real game-changer!


This is the book in which Dotty finds out the truth about Great Uncle Winchester and her mysterious heritage, and leaves her with some serious decisions to make.


But, in the meantime, of course there’s another cracking adventure in store for her, and she comes face to face with some old enemies, and a couple of new allies, too. 

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