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This month's challenge (closing date 31/03/17)

Thank you to everyone who entered February's challenge. I shall be sifting through these over the course of the next couple of weeks and contacting the winner in due course. I am also going to be posting some inspirational entries on the site shortly, so you can share in some of the brilliant writing we are inspiring here at the Flash Fiction Club.

For the month of March I have something really special for you. This month's excerpt is taken from the first book in the multi-award winning MAGORA series, The Gallery of Wonders written by renowned pop artist and children's author, Marc Remus. I have been fortunate enough to work with Marc in the past and I am so excited that he has agreed to let me have a signed copy of his first series book as this month's prize, all the way from Germany. 


Marc's first series book has just recently won its 11th literary award - wow! And I and my children absolutely love his stories. If you want to find out more about him or his work then take a look at his website at www.marcremus.com.

The Flash Fiction Challenge book excerpt comes from near the beginning of the story and the heroine is making some pretty exciting discoveries, this being one of them. See what you make of it: 

"[The room] was filled to the brim with boxes and old furniture. In the center of the room, dimly lit by the sunbeams falling through the attic windows high above the rafters, was a rectangular shape covered with a dirty cloth."

                                (Excerpt taken from 'The Gallery of Wonders', by Marc Remus)


I do hope it fires your imaginations, as it does mine. Don't forget, you can include this excerpt at the beginning or end of the story, or anywhere in between - BUT IT MUST FEATURE SOMEWHERE IN YOUR STORY for your entry to be valid.

Also remember that, in addition to winning a signed copy of The Gallery of Wonders, all entrants to the competition will also be considered for publication in the DOTTY Flash Fiction Annual, to be published December 2017. 

Have fun writing your story. I look forward to reading the entries for March!

A Note from the Author - About the Flash Fiction Challenge


Children have the best imaginations. Their ideas aren't restricted by social norms or expectations, by realism or what 'is possible'. For kids, the possibilities are simply limitless.

It's really good for children to write. Not only does it help with them with grammar and vocabulary, it can allow them to express themselves, deal with issues that are affecting them - both good and bad, and exercise and develop that mental writing muscle.  

On my school visits I have heard from so many teachers that have budding writers in their midst, just looking for an outlet. We need to nurture these authors of tomorrow and their fabulous imaginations.

So here is my little offering:

Every month I will be adding to the website a sentence or short paragraph from one of my books (or from the book of another author - it would get pretty boring if I used only DOTTY extracts - although of course the stories will be YOUR stories, not Dotty's!)

Your task is to weave the extract into a story from your own imagination, in no more than 300 words (there is no minimum word limit). The extract can begin the story, or you can put it in the middle or at the end, as long as it appears in there somewhere.

The winning entry each month will be posted on the website, and the writer will receive a signed copy of the book the extract originally came from.

All entrants will also have the opportunity to be featured in DOTTY About Writing's Flash Fiction Annual, which will be published yearly.

If you are a budding writer, or if you know one, please do give it a go. You can also pass details onto your school so they can distribute it to their budding writers. And if you'd like to be notified when the latest challenge goes live and who the monthly winners are, just sign up to our Flash Fiction mailing list here:



Good luck and I can't wait to hear from you!