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DOTTY and the Chimney Thief

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  • All is not well in the world of The Calendar House. There’s a rogue sweep on the loose, and they’re not just stealing trinkets from the houses they enter, they’re stealing the chimneys, too!


    To add insult to injury, Little Joe Raman from the corner shop on Dotty’s beloved Wyvern Road has gone missing and nobody knows why.


    It appears Dotty has a lot to contend with. The Council of Sweeps are looking for answers but it seems there aren’t any to be found. Has Joe been abducted by thieves, or is there another reason for his disappearance? And can Dotty stop the Chimney Thief, before all the portals into the world of the ordinary folk have been sealed – forever.


    Award-winning children’s fantasy fiction from #1 bestselling children's author, Emma Warner-Reed. Follow Dotty as she is strives to unravel the mysteries of the Calendar House: a place filled with secrets, danger and a just a little bit of sweeps’ magic!