the dotty series

Dotty Parsons is just an ordinary nine and a half year old girl living on an unassuming suburban street in Cardiff – or so she thinks.


After a tragic firework accident at her home kills both her parents and the family pets all in one go, Dotty is forced to leave her beloved Cardiff and her best friend, Sylv, and to move ‘up North’, to Yorkshire. There, she is to live with a great uncle she never knew she had in a creepy old house in the country. But, as if this isn’t enough to deal with, it seems that things are far from what they seem in her new home...


Follow Dotty on a voyage of magical discovery as she journeys into ‘deepest, darkest Yorkshire’; join the feisty little Welsh girl as she unearths the secrets of The Calendar House: her mother’s mysterious family home; laugh at the antics of the eccentric but kindly housekeeper, Mrs Gobbins; watch her as she meets new friends and allies Pip and Geoff the dog and cheer them on as they defeat a plethora of unsavoury and frightening characters.


From evil sweep traders Porguss and Poachling, to Strake, Great Uncle Winchester’s odiously creepy private secretary; pitiful outcast Skitter and the Vagabond King: mastermind behind a truly terrifying plot to bring down the house and all its magical occupants, be prepared for an ‘edge of your seat’ ride from beginning to end.


Discover what is going on outside Great Uncle Winchester’s study window; find out the mystery of the ballroom under the lake; and finally watch with Dotty in wonder as the true identity of her family line is revealed.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.