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Hey everybody,

First of all, to all my brand new subscribers a very, very big thank-you for joining me. Your support means everything. You find us in exciting times here!

Which brings me straight onto some…


Well, it’s coming up to a just a week before the fabulous joint launch of both my new book, DOTTY and the Chimney Thief, and the third book in the MAGORA series: The Bridge in the Fog, by my award-winning partner in crime (and writing, of course!), Marc Remus.

And I have to tell you we are positively reaching fever pitch here in the Warner-Reed household! Books are being ordered and signed, packages delivered, everything is being checked and double-checked ready for the 22nd.

Team DOTTY are now well into their task of reading their advance copies of the new book, and they seem to be liking what they’re reading, so that’s good news. For those of you who missed it online, here’s a bit of what they’ve been saying about it:

“Just finished it. One!”

“I have just finished reading your book and it is great! I like the little hob especially!! The story actually reminds me of some of my old favourite books morphed together!”

And a longer one:

“What a thoroughly enjoyable read this series is turning out to be. The Calendar House world is definitely a place worth visiting and revisiting. Dotty the perfect protagonist with more than two dimensions to her character is sassy, brave and very curious. Just the sort of traits the best of adventurers require to step out into the unknown. There are a lot of children’s books out there but very few can entertain all ages. Parents reading “just one more chapter” to their sleepy children will particularly enjoy reciting this as a bedtime story. As for their children… they will wallow in the luxurious imagery created by Emma Warner-Reed. 5 stars.”

They will all be posting their reviews up over this weekend, so you’ll be able to read them when we launch. I’m also going to be posting some exclusive excerpts from the new book on the facebook site in the few days before launch, so if you haven’t already got over to facebook at and liked my page, please do so and you’ll be in for a few more sneaky peaks from the book over the coming days!

In the meantime, don’t forget that if you’re in the area and you are making plans for the weekend of the 26th November, I will be doing a book signing at Ripon Cathedral Xmas Fair, where I will be between 10am and 4pm, so please do pop along to say hello and grab yourself some stocking-fillers.

I already have in my possession signed copies of books 1 and 2 in the MAGORA Series, sent all the way over from Germany by Marc for the event, and which will be available on the day (there are limited copies of these so please arrive early to avoid disappointment). I will also have both of my DOTTY books for sale, together with a special edition paperback copy of DOTTY and the Very Lucky Day, a DOTTY short story usually available only to subscribers as an e-book. Plus there will be some special DOTTY freebies, too!

That’s almost it for now, but before you get completely news-ed out, Marc and I have a very special announcement to make:

We are pleased to announce that in celebration of the launch we will be doing an exclusive giveaway of an ALL-NEW KINDLE and six copies of our latest series books.

A link to the giveaway will be posted on our facebook sites on the launch date, so please come along. And of course tell all your friends to come along and enter, too, and become a part of the DOTTY and MAGORA magic.

It just leaves me to say thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all on launch day.

Best wishes,

Emma Warner-Reed

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