Get your child writing this February!

Thank you once again for all your wonderful entries to the DOTTY Flash Fiction Challenge last month.​

I couldn't resist one last little teaser from DOTTY before bringing you an excerpt from another author, so here's one that I really hope will get your imaginations in full flow. This scene from the first book int he DOTTY series, DOTTY and the Calendar House Key, is a pivotal point in the book, so I'll be intrigued to see how you weave it into your stories.

February's prize winner will win a copy of DOTTY and the Calendar House Key, signed by me, in addition to the chance to appear in the DOTTY Flash Fiction Annual, to be published December 2017.

Remember, you can include the excerpt at the beginning or end of the story, or anywhere in between - BUT IT MUST FEATURE SOMEWHERE IN YOUR STORY for your entry to be valid. Here it is:

"Armed with a little light, she slowly drew back the drape. And there on the hearth she saw it, standing in the lamplight."

(Excerpt taken from 'DOTTY and the Calendar House Key', by Emma Warner-Reed)

Have fun writing your story. I look forward to reading February's entries!

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