Join the Middle Grade Mania! (and get yourself some free books)

Hey all,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about a great offer I thought you might like to take advantage of.

Cutting a long story short, a group of fellow indie authors and I have got together for an amazing FREE GIVEAWAY!

It's the perfect opportunity for you to find some great new titles for your kids to read and to discover some fabulous new authors.

There are titles from some well-known indie authors like the hilariously funny Justin Johnson and fellow fantasy writer Austin Bailey, who is offering the first book from his fabulous Magemother series, as well as some less well-known titles - but all equally worth discovering!

All the books are FREE, so help yourself to as many as you like. Just click or tap the link to check out what is on offer. I hope you find something you enjoy.


As ever, thank you so much for your continued support of DOTTY and enjoy the free books!

Happy reading, folks :o)

p.s. again, that link: middle grade mania freebies

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